What I learned in first grade...

I had the privilege (and I do mean privilege) of subbing in first grade all this week. I was subbing for the full-time aide so I didn't have the lion's share of the work, but it was still a busy week. I LOVE being at the school and spending time with the kids. This week had a few hilarious moments. So I thought I'd share with you what I learned in Miss Rider's first grade class.
  • According to Daniel, sometimes I have bad breath in the morning.
  • Jonathan eats glue and erasers.
  • I hate glitter glue.
  • "Crafting" is definitely not my spiritual gift.
  • It is possible, but probably not very patriotic, to say the Pledge of Allegiance and pick your nose at the same time.
  • Ants really can survive and thrive in a first grader's backpack in the middle of winter.
  • There were twelve "troops" of Israel.
  • God gave Moses the Ten Commandments on Mt. Vernon.
  • Coloring can be oddly therapeutic; cutting, however, cannot.
  • It is possible to write with a pencil that is only 1 inch long.
  • It's amazing how much toilet paper the toilets on the first grade hallway can handle.
  • Dana's mom is very bossy about manners. Her dad, however, "toots" all the time while he's watching television, and his "toots" are loud.


Tamera said...

Ain't it great!! My favorite, is when my students call me "Mrs. Pouchman" =)

Jen said...

Ah yes! I get "Mrs. V-string" quite a bit, which is uncomfortably close to something I'd rather not discuss with first graders! :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Aunt Jennifer,
I saw your blog, and the one when you were at school was funny.
The little girl named Dana was funny!

Love Taylor

Beckyb said...

I LOVE it - that's why I love my job - those preschoolers are a hoot!!!