Brooke Survived

Brooke did great! The surgery lasted an hour and a half, and they were able to "cheat" a bit. They made a small incision but were able to use pins rather than a plate and screws. So now Brooke has two pins sticking out the sides of her finger and holding her bone in place! She will have those in for four weeks. She sees the surgeon in two weeks and can hopefully get rid of the sling then.

Tonight she is eating and doing well. Those wonderful pain meds are just beginning to wear off and she is complaining that her finger hurts, so we'll see how the night goes. She is still insisting on going to school tomorrow (and let me assure you that it's not because she is eager to get back to classes!) Thanks again for your prayers.

Just after waking up, sipping some ginger ale to settle her stomach.

The "permanent" dressing. (Notice the big circle drawn on her arm.
This was so they didn't fix the wrong pinkie!)

Getting some oxygen so she can get rid of the
lightheadedness and we can head home.


Aunt Becky said...

We are so happy to hear that everything went well! Happy healing. We love you.

Tamera said...

Glad everything went well - we'll continue to pray for fast recovery (and, of course, quick return to school! ha ha!)

Beckyb said...

I have been praying - so glad all went well - milk it for all it's worth, Brooke!!! :)

The Beckers said...

Brooke, glad to hear things went well. You are in our thoughts and prayers (along with your family).