Our new favorite "toy"

Ok, those of you who know me and know me well also know that I don't "do" play-doh, modeling clay, finger paints, heck, even markers are a stretch for me. I am definitely not a "go-ahead-have-fun-and-make-a-huge-mess-we'll-clean-it-up-later-
you're-only-little-once" kinda mom.

Yesterday, Sawyer came home from school with a paper informing me that he had to do a "Special Helper Project". (Personally, I think he can be VERY special and a helper without a craft requirement, but that's beside the point.) He has to make something, write down how he did it, then present it to the class. Of course, Sawyer had all kinds of grandiose ideas for what he wanted to make. Unfortunately, for him, most of them involved copious amounts of glue, glitter, and Advil (for me).

Finally, after some coercing, he settled on making something out of clay. So after a quick glance into our well-stocked craft closet (yeah right!), we headed out today to get some materials for his project. Have you ever stood and really looked at all the clay and clay-like options available in the Wal-mart craft aisle??

Anyway, I was thrilled to discover that some other wonderful, craft-challenged mother out there invented the perfect "clay"! Our new favorite toy is Crayola Model Magic! It's great stuff!! It's not sticky or messy, it comes in every color and every shade of every color under the rainbow, and Sawyer LOVES it. At this very moment, he is happily deciding whether to fashion a turtle, a dinosaur, or a castle out of the stuff. It truly is magic!! Woo hoo

I won't mention that I needed to take a second mortgage to pay for it while the good, old fashioned sticky clay in four colors was only $.97. It's a small price to pay for my crafting sanity to remain intact.


Becky said...

I AM SHOCKED! Good for you! This is something that even I have not bought yet, but you just might have me sold on it.

Beckyb said...

The price tag has always scared me away - maybe we'll have to try it now- I'm going to have to start calling you Martha Stewart - you smarty!!!
Hey - I like the new blog look too!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen: I looking forward to ready your blog. I Hope Brooke is doing well. Cindy (Heidi's Mom)