Quote of the Day...

Occasionally, as a special treat, we make the kids Shirley Temples. For this reason, we have a bottle of "Rose's Grenadine" in the pantry. I was gone last night for a church function, but apparently, Jeff made them Shirley Temples.

Tonight, as I was pouring drinks for dinner and asking each child what he or she wanted to drink, Payton pipes up

"Oh mom, I want one of those red grenade things, please."

Sure son. One red grenade comin' right up! :-)


Beckyb said...

Those sound good - would you share your secret recipe?!?!? (Or should I even admit that I have no clue what they are?!?!)

Jen said...

LOL! You are a good Baptist girl--or were raised that way! That's WHY you don't know what they are! I'm happy to share my "secret" recipe though.

Pour some (1-2TB) grenadine in the bottom of a class, add Sprite or 7-up, and finish with a maraschino cherry. Real hard to mess up and the kids LOVE 'em!