Shout it Out

Recently, I've been having trouble getting stains out of the kids' clothing. Now, I am very particular about laundry, and these were stains that would normally not be a problem. Things like ketchup, dirt, chocolate, etc. I thought getting the washer fixed would help, but the problem remained.

Last week, as I was sorting laundry and "stain fighting", I thought the solution smelled different and glanced quickly at the spray bottle in my hand. Problem solved!!! I discovered that, for the last two or three weeks, I have been spraying all the kids' clothing with Fantastik antibacterial kitchen cleaner!!!! Although the clothes smelled lemony-fresh, the stains remained. Sigh........I'm getting old!


Becky said...

Is that what almost 40 will do to a person? Yikes!

Beckyb said...

I am laughing right out loud over here!! That cracks me up - AND makes me feel better too!!!

Cindy said...

Jen: That sounds like something I would do, BUT I'm a lot older than you. Enjoy your blog it ususally brings a smile to my face except for Brooke's finger. I hope she is doing better.