Who's leaving the Union?

I have a new game for you. You may get rid of any three states. (Not necessarily the people IN the states, although that may certainly be part of your reasoning. Do what you will....it's a game.) Also, feel free to leave a comment and let me know which ones you'd choose.

Jen's Picks
  1. New Jersey--armpit of the nation, hands down, no contest.
  2. Texas--I do have some dear friends there, but I have to choose this out of loyalty to the University of Oklahoma Sooners and my dear daddy.
  3. California--too many liberals.
Jeff's Picks
  1. New Jersey--because the Jets and the Giants play there.
  2. Arizona--because it's too freakin' hot there and it already has a big hole in it anyway.
  3. Rhode Island--does anyone really live in Rhode Island? Do they even have a downtown?


Mom said...

Gosh, that's tough. I can think of something good about most of them. The New Jersey shore is pretty nice in places. Love the ocean. Plus that's where I was born, and where would you be then? Mississippi might be on the list, North Dakota, but I can't in good conscience get rid of anyplace where it snows. Arkansas would be #1, because of Bill and Hillary.

Becky said...

I agree with Mom. This is a tough one. My choices would be
1. Delaware, because.... well, it's Delaware. The other armpit of the U.S.
2. Loisianna... too hard to spell. (yes, I did that on purpose for all you spell checkers, myself included.)
3. Maine... too cold, and I am becoming very anti-winter after living in Michigan for 11 years. Sorry, Mom.