Since I was feeling rather "snarky" yesterday, and my post was less than gracious, I decided it would be good to list some things that I am grateful for because I know I have so many.
  • We arrived home from Myrtle Beach to lovely cool weather and RAIN!! Now Jeff might have to actually mow the lawn (or "blanket of toothpicks") this week.
  • The cooler weather is SO much better for Payton's football practice than the oppressive heat we've experienced the past couple weeks.
  • On Sunday, we had a get together with 10-15 families who attend our new church and also live in our small town, which in itself is amazing because we are 30 minutes from church! We had a great time getting to know many new people and hope to join their community group this fall.
  • On Monday, we found out that both Jeff and I had "made" the praise team at church. I will be a member of the team, and Jeff will get to sing and lead sometimes too. He is very excited about that! And they already asked us to start working on a new song to sing together. We can't wait to be involved. The praise team is a great group of gifted musicians who lead amazing worship that we enjoy every Sunday. We are blessed and privileged to now be a part of it.
  • In the "never a dull moment" category, Brooke has strep throat. Now, this may seem like a strange praise, but I am thankful that she is sick this week rather than last week while we were on vacation or next week, when she will be gone on a retreat with her school.
  • Sydney, Sawyer, and I are heading to "Club Knorr" (aka my sister Amie's) for a last hurrah before school starts. (Payton has football and Brooke has a babysitting job so they will be staying home.) I am looking forward to relaxing and hanging out for a few days as we wind down the summer and head into a very busy fall. (I'm pretty sure their bathrooms are all in good working order so that shouldn't be a problem this trip.)
  • Finally, I am particularly thankful for family and dear friends who have "weathered the storms of change" with us this year. We are very blessed.

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