We are settling into a comfortable routine around here--and I am ALL about routine, if you hadn't figured that out yet. Nothing terribly exciting to fill an entire post with so I thought I would just share a "hodgepodge" of happenings at the VeStrands. Enjoy!
  • Jeff survived "Back to School" night last night. He did a great job and had many good comments. One of Payton's friends told him "Your dad is my best teacher ever!"--always nice to hear!
  • Sawyer is settling nicely into 2nd grade. Never mind that he got his name on the board yesterday because he felt compelled to burp loudly while they were acting out a story. Naturally, his hand didn't make it to his mouth in time to cover it, or at least that's his story and he's stickin' to it.
  • Just six days into the school year and Sydney had her first history test. World history this year, so this test was on Sumer and Egypt. Tonight she is working on "inventing" five Egyptian artifacts that she supposedly unearthed in an architectural dig. Here we go again......
  • Brooke auditioned for and was selected to sing in the Chamber Choir at her school. It's an interesting change for Brooke as she is singing classical music in Latin. Definitely not the Toby Mac or Superchick that she typically enjoys, but it's good for her.
  • Payton's football team is 0-3 but they did score a touchdown and a safety this past weekend. We were beginning to wonder if they were going to have a "scoreless" season. Thankfully, that didn't happen.
  • I got a WONDERFUL haircut today. This is significant for two reasons: I am very picky about my hair and get it cut at least once a month, and the place I have been going for three years burned to the ground last week just three days before my next scheduled appointment. So, I called another salon here in town and took the plunge. I was very happy. Although I admit that my nerves were on edge when the stylist kept talking about the heifers, pigs, and sheep her family was preparing to enter in the county fair that starts Friday. Visions of a very bad mullet were dancing in my head, but all is well. (As a bonus, while I was getting my hair cut, I observed that you can cut an elderly lady's eyebrows with large scissors. Who knew?)
  • All the stores are full of pumpkins and scarecrows and Halloween candy. Woo hoo!! Fall is my very favorite season!
  • It's bee-you-ti-full here today! Hopefully the horrid heat and humidity are gone for good.
Reading over this, life isn't very exciting these days. But that's okay, I'll take this kind of "boring". Have a great week!


Becky said...

Yes, boring is good sometimes. Congrats to Brooke, good luck to Sydney, keep on keepin' on to Payton, and well, I'm not quite sure what to say to Sawyer. Sounds like he might be the most bored.

Beckyb said...

Boring is GOOD!!! Sounds like you are settling in - glad that all is well out there!

C.C. said...

Fall candy, yum! Have you tried the mellowcreme pumpkins. I'm addicted to them. I'm lucky they are only available once a year, because they seriously could wreck my new eating lifestyle. One bag is lasting me awhile though because I'm only eating 1 serving a day.