Takin' the Bad with the Good

Sorry for the lack of posts. We've been busy and not much terribly "blogworthy" has occurred. As with most weeks, we've had lots of good things happen and also some not-so-good things happen. Here's my list.....

  • Jeff's parents came for a long-anticipated visit. They were able to see Payton's football game on Saturday and visit our new church with us, (Jeff's dad enjoyed all three services since we were singing!) and we had a great time together.
  • We had the privilege of taking Jeff's parents out to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary! Congratulations mom and dad VeStrand!
  • We've enjoyed dog-sitting Webster this weekend.
  • I enjoyed a morning of shopping and lunch with Steph on Wednesday.
  • Oklahoma beat Texas on Saturday. I'm mostly happy for my mom and sister-in-law, Heidi, but we always rejoice over a Sooner victory in our house too!
  • I accomplished more Christmas shopping.
  • We enjoyed the first meeting with our new community group from Lifepoint Church and had a great time!
  • My boss generously gave me the day off today, since Jeff and the kids were home too.
  • Jeff got a note from one of his students last week, telling him that he was "the best teacher in the whole world."
  • My dryer died. Currently, wet clothing is draped and/or hanging all over my basement.
  • It will cost $55 just for the dryer repairman to come and tell us what the problem is. After that, it's $15 every 15 minutes for the repair. And he can't come until Wednesday.
  • I would hang the aforementioned wet clothing outside but it's so stinkin' hot and humid here, I don't think it would dry.
  • Did I mention it's hot and humid? It's supposed to be 90 tomorrow. Ridiculous.
  • Payton's football team remains winless. They also remain basically "first downless".
  • The stinkin' Yankees won last night. We hate the Yankees almost as much as we love the Sooners.
  • Jeff's car is going into the shop on Wednesday. More money for car repairs.
So there you have it. I told you it wasn't "blogworthy".

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Mom said...

Yes, the Sooners winning was definitely a good thing. Sorry about Jeff's car. Mine had to go into today too for an expensive problem.