By Sawyer......

Last week, Sawyer was assigned to write a short story in his class journal. The class was given two potential topics and Sawyer chose "All of the world's scissors have disappeared. What will you do?" Following is his (with my grammar help) story......

Detective Sawyer and the
Case of the Missing Scissors

Once upon a time, there was a detective named Sawyer and his brilliant assistant Shakespeare. One day, detective Sawyer heard something very sad: all of the world's scissors had disappeared! How would people cut? How would kids in school do their projects? How would people get their hair cut? How would they survive? Sawyer had to do something!

Then Sawyer remembered that all scissors had metal in them. So he decided to use his giant metal detector to find the missing scissors. Shakespeare was a pilot, so he and Sawyer went up in their airplane and Sawyer held on to a ladder that hung out of the airplane and used the metal detector. As they flew along, the metal detector got the scissors and they gathered them in the airplane.

Detective Sawyer found out that a bad policeman, named Michael, had stolen all of the world's scissors so that he could keep his afro hairstyle. Michael went to jail and all over the world, the people were very happy.

They were also required to illustrate their stories, and Sawyer's journal pages were replete with pictures of scissors and detective hats. At the end, Sawyer drew a full page picture of Michael about to get his afro cut by Shakespeare! Of course, Michael was protesting loudly! (It's also important to note that the character Michael is modeled after Sawyer's real-life friend, Michael, who most definitely does NOT have an afro!)


Marzola Happenings said...

ok, so Joel's story was about the Polar Bear and it wasn't as long. :) haha...oh well. good story, Sawyer!!! way to go!

jen said...

Where does Sawyer go to school? They are doing some creative writing there!!! I love it!