You know what they say.......

If it sounds too good to be true.........

Apparently, I jumped the gun on the CVS coupon. I apologize. It's still good but not nearly as good as I thought. Here's a short explanation from Crystal at www.moneysavingmom.com. (She is the CVS guru!!) I will admit I don't fully understand her explanation myself. So if you have questions, you might want to drop her a note.

While this offer isn't a bad thing, it is not what it might appear to be.

Offer applies to 2% quarterly Extra Bucks Rewards earned on eligible purchases. Extra Bucks Rewards will print on your receipt beginning April 1st.

You only need to present this coupon at the register once, and then your Extra Bucks Rewards will be tripled on every qualifying purchase through March 15th.

Offer excludes Extra Bucks on specific items advertised in newspaper and in-store circulars, product packaging, shelf displays and signs.
As you can see, the triple ECBs only apply on the quarterly earnings, not on the monthly and weekly ECB deals. CVS might be generous, but they aren't that generous!

So, print out this coupon, have it scanned at the register when you check out on your next trip and instead of earning 2% back on all purchases this quarter, you'll earn 6%.
CVS only credits you the 2 or 6 percent on your actual out-of-pocket expenses, though, so for those of us who only spend a dollar or less per week on our purchases, the difference between 2% and 6% is very slim. However, a penny earned in ECBs is a penny earned in ECBs, so it doesn't hurt anything to have them go ahead and scan this coupon.

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Adam said...

If you figure that out I don't why you ever struggled with math. Good luck to you.