Day 13

March 28, 2008

To whom it may concern:

It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter of apology.

But, first, a disclaimer. You all know that life has been busy at our house lately. What with repairing, cleaning, planting, showing, and worrying, not to mention work, sports, laundry, homework, church, and life in general, shoes haven't exactly been at the top of my list. Heck, these days I'm fortunate to even have a list, but that's another story.

That said, I think most people would readily agree that my children are normally clean, well-dressed, even ironed at times (their clothes, that is, not the children, obviously). So how these shoes of Payton's got past me for the last three months is a great mystery. But, somehow, some way, they escaped me. Until Monday, when Payton made what may be the understatement of the year: "Mom, I need new sneakers." Ya think????????

(The photo does not do them justice, trust me.)

So, from the bottom of my heart, I apologize to anyone, anywhere who may have witnessed my son actually wearing these "shoes" or, worse, anyone, anywhere who may have smelled the odor I am quite certain was emitted from the "vents" in them. In hindsight, I am ashamed and appalled; but we all know that hindsight is 20/20, don't we?

No need for pity--we can afford new shoes. There are plenty of new shoes to be had, I'm certain. And I can safely say that never (save for the last three months) has one of my children left the house in anything even close to resembling these sad excuses for footwear. But, what's done is done. Please accept my apologies.

The "sneakers" (term used loosely) are now safely on their way to their new home. And Payton has a brand new pair. Please be sure to notice them and restore a small measure of my dignity.

Thank you for understanding.


Payton's negligent mother


Jenn said...

I need to write one of those myself......Coby is getting to that point but I'm trying to hold out....The back of the heels are worn on the inside and he keeps pulling out black pieces of fabric from the lining. But hey, so far no noticable holes!

I loathe shoe shopping (for the kids!). Can you tell?

steph said...

yes mrs. vestrand you should be ASHAMED!! I noticed those the other day but I figured they were his "playng in the woods with the Ferber boys" shoes! and don't worry about the smell...I was too busy holding my nose from MY boys shoes!

Yarnin_Mama said...

I just ask that you never look down at my kids' shoes because I'm sure there will be a time when you find something worse. :-)

Mr. Clean said...

Please use me to clean the counter after those filthy, smelly sneakers have been on them.