A Friday Bonus!

This isn't the "official start" to the 100 days of blogging but I wanted to get these pictures posted. Brooke had the amazing opportunity to go to NYC with some friends last weekend to see Hairspray on Broadway. I am still a little green from the envy.

Anyway, they had a great time! They stayed at the Marriott Marquis Hotel right in Times Square, did lots of shopping, and enjoyed the show immensely--from the first row of the balcony, if you can believe that! Below are some pictures of their weekend.

The girls all ready for their night on the town!
(Brooke is on the far right.)

This was the view from their hotel room!

The four-story H&M! Brooke's dream come true!

The one and only---Radio City Music Hall.


steph said...

oh jen you and jeff are soooo in trouble! brooke looks gorgeous!

The Thomsons said...

How neat! Hope she had a good time!

Anonymous said...

When is the mommy retreat????

Anonymous said...

I didn't even recognize Brooke, she is beautiful!! Lucky her, we loved the movie Hairspray :0