Last night, the Ferber boys came over for pizza and then we all went together to see Isabella perform in her school variety show. If you have ever been around four 8,9, and 10 year old boys for any length of time, you know that the conversation is...ummm.......lively, to say the least. It was hilarious. I thought you might enjoy some snippets from the evening's conversations.

After being asked why he was rolling his pizza cheese into little balls, one boy explained "Oh I do this with all my pizza cheese. It makes it less greasy."
"Hey, have you guys ever put a straw in your armpit and then blown on it? It makes a really cool noise."
"Oh yeah, I can kinda whistle. I do it all the time."
"Yo dude, that road is named 'Bottom Road'!!" (followed by hilarious laughter, of course.)
And, last but not least, we were serenaded with the timeless tunes of Al Yankovich, who seems inexplainably popular with fifth-grade boys these days. We heard I Got it on E-bay and Constipated and, of course, Livin' in an Amish Paradise.

Boys.........ya gotta love 'em!


Sandy said...

I'm glad I'm not the only parent who gets serenaded with Weird Al songs! Gotta love 'em!

Jenn said...

Weird Al is STILL making songs?!?!?

This I gotta see...er, I mean, hear....!!

Kathi said...

How about 'White and Nerdy?'That one's been a big hit in our house for the past year and a half! They NEVER get tired of it.

Boys crack me up!