Sawyer VeStrand, News Reporter

More creative writing, courtesy of Sawyer Christian. They each made a newspaper called The Galilee Gazette and wrote all the articles. These are two of Sawyer's. Enjoy!

Revenge of the Evil Demons

One day the devil sent out some demons to go into some men. The demons went out and found some men. They stayed in them, and the men got violent. Until Jesus came. The demons were afraid. They said "What do you want?" They even said he was the Son of God! Jesus said "Get out of the men. There are some pigs. Go to them." And they did. The pigs went crazy. They fell off a cliff and died. When Jesus came back, the people said "Get out of this town!". Because Jesus was so powerful.

(Doncha love the falling pig exclaiming "Oh boy!"
and the pig at the bottom who has been KO'd??)

Jesus Does it Again!

Well, Jesus did it again! Jesus was on a boat. When they got to the place, a large crowd was waiting for them. One of them was Jairus. Jairus' daughter was sick. He asked Jesus if he could heal her. When he got there, Jesus went to the girl's room. She was sleeping but Jesus got her up and she was fine!


Amy said...

This is great! I love the pigs!

Anonymous said...

We were just talking about this in SS. I'll have to print it out and take it in as an example.
Good job Sawyer. The pigs were great!! Love, Grammy

Anonymous said...

Love it Jen! I sure wish we lived closer together =]