Day 24

Approximately 27 minutes

Yep. 27 minutes is all it took to go from this:

To this:

Eleven stitches up top and butterfly bandages down below, courtesy of the brand spankin' new Swiss Army knife. Thank you Swiss Army! (and let's not forget this either.)
He'll survive though. And I did feel bad for Jeff. Payton has been BEGGING for a pocket knife--incessant, non-stop, 24/7 BEG..GING. Jeff just couldn't decide if he was ready quite yet. But after they went and looked at them and talked about it, he felt Payton would be okay and they stopped at Wal-mart today on the way home to school to buy one. Well, unfortunately, Jeff was wrong. As he was rinsing off Payton's hand and assessing the damage, Payton muttered "I guess I wasn't ready after all."

Note to Payton's future wife, wherever she may be: you might want to find an alternate labor coach. Payton was ready to vomit and faint before they left to get the stitches. Something tells me he won't be the greatest support system.


steph said...

hey payton!
be sure to show those war wounds to jonah!

julie_blauwkamp said...

well- you should tell peyton and remind jeff of the notorious words of evel kinevel-
"bones/wounds heal and chicks dig scars!"

or something like that! :)