Day 34

This week, Payton had a history assignment to make a coat of arms for himself. He had to divide a shield into four sections,using pictures/symbols of things that described himself. He took his assignment very seriously and gave it a lot of thought! I think he did a great job! His four sections were:
  1. The Michigan flag to represent the state where he was born
  2. A templar cross to represent his faith in Christ
  3. Books (and a Bible) to represent the fact that he loves to read
  4. Fire to represent "zealousness". He found out online that fire in a coat of arms means "zealous" and "dogged." This is a kid who knows himself well!


The Thomsons said...

That's so neat! It looks great!

steph said...

very cool!

Kim said...

He did a great job! Thanks for your comment :)

I see you are in Maryland. My very best friend just moved to Mount Airy last year. Are you anywhere near there?

Kim said...

What a great coat of arms!!! I love it!

Yarnin_Mama said...

I loved projects like this when I was in school. He did a great job!!!