Day 40

Okay folks, it's time for a "You've got to be kidding me!" post. These things just make me shake my head and wonder.
From their website: Because all mothers are unique! So, naturally the way our bodies process alcohol is unique, too. Metabolizing alcohol depends on several factors including:
  • Body weight
  • Type of alcohol consumed
  • Food intake

Following generalized guidelines may result in using alcohol-tainted milk, but with Milkscreen Mom can ensure that her breast milk is alcohol free.

Ummm......why not just abstain from drinking while nursing?? Now there's a novel idea!

From their website: The Developmental Snapshot allows you to measure and track your child’s development on a monthly basis so you can track your child’s progress and always know how well he or she is doing.

The LENA Digital Language Processor (DLP) weighs just 2 ounces, but captures up to 16 hours of talk and is durable enough to last for years! It fits snugly and unobtrusively into a pouch on the front of your child’s LENA clothing. Using optimal acoustic quality, it collects the sounds and words that your child says and hears. The LENA software analyzes this data, generating easy-to-read reports so you can track your child’s development. These reports let you see adult word count, as well as conversational turns — those moments when you speak to your child and your child responds, and vice versa.

Obviously these people never met a VeStrand child. This thing wouldn't have enough memory space for my kids. No talking delays in our house. They still haven't stopped talking and they are 15, 12, 10, and 8!

But I think this one takes the cake!

From the website: What does one tell a child who's mother has just come home with a brand new nose? What does one say to the son who's mother is 150 lbs lighter and almost unrecognizable? These are the questions answered in My Beautiful Mommy, a new kids book that goes on sale, of course, this coming Mother's Day. The book features a perky mother explaining to her child why she's having cosmetic surgery (a nose job and tummy tuck). Naturally, it has a happy ending: mommy winds up "even more" beautiful than before, and her daughter is thrilled.

The saddest part of all is that people will actually spend good money on this stuff. Unbelievable!


Jenn said...

I saw that book on the news and was going to blog about it!!!! You stinker, you beat me to it!!!!!

How funny!!

The Thomsons said...

That's crazy!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely nothing to do with your post - but my Mom is here and says "hi" =]

Saw some of those things on the Early Show - we are a truly odd society!