Day 43

And now for yesterday's quote of the day. First let me say that we are teasing/sarcastic family. Sometimes that serves us well, other times, not so well. But, hey, I'm just keeping it real here.

Anyway, yesterday we were giving Payton a hard time about a few sweet girls in his class who (very obviously to us) think Payton is quite the catch. Sawyer was in the kitchen too and decided to chime in.

Sawyer: Mom, you know me and Payton are the "hottest" boys in the school. (please disregard the improper grammar)

Me: Is that so? Well, I would rather have girls like you because you are the nicest boys in the school.

Sawyer:(without missing a beat) Oh well, we're the hottest AND the nicest.

We're also a humble group over here!

My nice--and hot--boys!!

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