Day 50!!!!!!!!

**Edited to Add** I used the "blogspot" auto numbering feature and I have NO idea what happened to number 10. It's added below!

5 Plain Educational Block 0

Sorry so late today folks! I have been sitting here thinking that a CELEBRATION is in order! We've made it halfway through this challenge! In honor of this amazing feat, I would like to suggest that all of you who are reading but never bothering to comment come out of "lurkdom" and let me know you're out there. This morning at church, yet another person told me they love the blog. I had NO idea they even knew I had a blog! I am not kidding when I say I have met four people from church who were complete strangers to me because they came across my blog. I love that!

I actually contemplated some sort of giveaway to celebrate this milestone. But in order to have someone to give something away to, I would have to have some comments. So.........pretty please, if you're reading, even occasionally, would you just leave a quick note to let me know you're out there. I need to know you're actually out there so I can get through the next fifty days! And maybe we'll do that giveaway at the Day 75 milestone.

For those of you who do read daily and comment, thanks for your encouragement. I love writing it even more than you enjoy reading! Now then, because we're skipping the giveaway this time, I will attempt to entertain you by telling you yet another 50 things you probably don't know about me. Enjoy!

  1. I have never in my life had long hair. Chin-length bob is the longest it's ever been and I hated it.
  2. I am scared to death of horses.
  3. I am scared to death to ride a bike.
  4. I don't like to swim.
  5. I wet my pants in front of the entire class in 7th grade. (Steve W. made me laugh.)
  6. I sang my first solo, Whiter than Snow, in a school competition in 4th grade. (I came in second place to Curtis Stoltzfus.)
  7. I love to drive a car with a manual transmission.
  8. I have never had a tooth pulled or had braces.
  9. I am allergic to penicillin.
  10. I will run my dishwasher three times a day if necessary to avoid washing dishes by hand.
  11. I hate milk.
  12. I love Steak-n-Shake milkshakes.
  13. I always want my meat cooked medium rare (pink but warm).
  14. I rarely buy any book. The library is my best friend.
  15. I saved $117, using specials and coupons, on my grocery bill yesterday.
  16. I am getting my new contacts this week! YEAH!!
  17. I wish I weren't so tall.
  18. I am hoping to grow tomatoes and cucumbers in container gardens this summer.
  19. I do not enjoy gardening but I can't stand to pay the high prices for produce.
  20. I cannot draw to save my life.
  21. I am currently reading The Year of Living Biblically. It's hilarious!
  22. I have a couple VERY grumpy children today.
  23. I had blood poisoning from a spider bite on my hand when I was a senior in high school. (The two bright red lines running up my arm were very fashionable!)
  24. I have reached the point in life where I care infinitely more about comfort than fashion when it comes to shoes. Therefore.......
  25. I finally caved and purchased these last week.
  26. I watched Juno last night. It was cute but more crude than I expected it to be.
  27. I have been reading the the last five Psalms every day in my quiet time.
  28. I want (ahem.....need) this for Mother's Day.
  29. Summer is my least favorite season.
  30. I am blessed to have a part-time job that I really enjoy.
  31. I can't understand why most children's clothing comes in "Pleasantly Plump" or "Hefty" or "Plus" but hardly anything comes in "Boney" or "Scary Skinny" or "Emaciated", which is what all of my children have needed/need.
  32. Many days, I have wondered what I was thinking when committing to this 100-day challenge?
  33. Last week, while in a card shop, I was compelled to show the manager a spelling error on a small hand-painted picture frame. It read "Diaper Dud" instead of "Diaper Dude". Yikes!
  34. I hate pumpkin pie.
  35. I just got a phone call from my dear friend, Steph. It was great to hear her voice! I miss you Steph!
  36. I am currently working on a talk/discussion group on modesty/purity that I will lead in a few weeks at Brooke's small group. More details on that in the weeks to come.
  37. I have never had stitches.
  38. I have been very disappointed in Lost the past few episodes. I thought we were getting answers this season!
  39. We got gas for $3.53/gallon today. Sad that that's a "bargain" these days!
  40. Jeff and I went Underground today for church to hear Brooke sing. She did an AMAZING job, if I do say so myself! (We tried to video but that was quickly squelched from the stage. Sorry grandparents.)
  41. I have some overripe bananas in my kitchen begging to be turned into banana bread. Maybe tonight.
  42. I have great admiration and respect for those people who homeschool their children. I only get annoyed when they try to tell me that God commands me to homeschool also.
  43. I enjoy hanging my laundry outside.
  44. I do not subscribe to one magazine. Can't stand the clutter.
  45. If I could afford to, I would have fresh flowers all over my home all the time.
  46. Sawyer told us today that he wanted to pump gas when he grew up. Then he changed his mind and said "No, I think I'll be a waiter instead." That's my boy!
  47. I am going to Costa Rica with Sydney on her 8th grade missions trip next February.
  48. I love hydrangeas.
  49. I love quiet, non-busy Sundays.
  50. I posted "100 Thing" about myself here about a year ago, if you just can't get enough!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I am one of the "people from church" who ready your blog daily. I truly enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

I'm here and reading. I just forget to come comment because I'm reading from my Google Reader.

Anonymous said...

where is #10?; #25 are cute shoes - they also look comfy - I've "graduated" to wearing heels now instead of my signature flats; I agree with #26

fun reading =]


Lisa said...

Can't believe it's been fifty days already!

Steak 'n Shake - Yummy! Too bad there's not one nearby! And I too share your hatred of clutter and milk!

I need to read A Year of Living Biblically. I read A.J. Jacobs' book about reading through the encyclopedia, and it was really interesting.

Looking forward to the next fifty days!

Michelle said...

I'm out here, reading and enjoying your blog! Please let me know if you find those "Skeletal" size children's clothes...my 10 year old desperately need them. I'm sure you can relate: pants that fit in the waist all look like pedal pushers, and pants that are long enough are waaaaaayyyy too big in the waist/hips/thighs. I DO feed her, I swear!!!

steph said...

let me know how you like your Alice crocs! I love mine though they do make my feet sweat...majorly comfy though!
you have to watch this!!


known you for how many years and didn't know a few of those things about you!

Adam said...

i've been tempted by crocs but that's not the style i would have chosen. of course, i didn't know that style existed.

i can think of at least 50 things that you didn't mention.

Mark said...

Here is #51 I know you don't like gardening but this may change the way you and the kids react to plants for ever.Imagine giving your children some seeds. Having them watch them sprout and grow. Then shortly after the second leaves appear they tickle the plant and it moves! Give them more than a gift; give them a learning experience they will never forget.

Anonymous said...

Jen, I can't believe you like to drive stick shift. I can remember one time on the hill at Joanna store ----. You'll never find me driving one again. I'll bet Tamera remembers the spider bite. Not sure about THOSE shoes, but I understand the need for comfort. You didn't tell me yo were trying contacts again. Hope it goes well.

Jody D. said...

Hi Jen,

Yes, I read your blog too!! Can't believe you made it 50 days - keep it up...

The Thomsons said...

That was very fun! I've loved your challenge! :-) For those of you who are commenting, I'm in Indianiapolis. It was neat finding out more about the commentators. :-)

Kathi said...

Wow! Congrats on #50! You're half way there. Keep it up sister!

Marzola Happenings said...

steak and shake milkshakes?? never heard of it. hmmm
and medium rare? who knew?! thanks for sharing! great inspiration. here is one thing you might not know about me.
1) I now live next door to a mule! haha

Keri said...

This is Keri from the PW group -- I've been reading and enjoying your posts. You've inspired me to think about doing something similar with my blog...then maybe I would actually post on it. :) Keep up the good work!

shaninvb said...

Hey Girl,

It's me Shanin from PW. Thought that I would drop you a line to say that your blog is in my favorites! You crack me up. We have a lot of things in common!

Valerie said...

Hi Jen....Val in Brazil here. I read you blog every day! You make me laugh so much! Nice to read about what's going on in your life.

Wow...like to drive a manual car. I drive one EVERY day here, cuz that's all there is! hahaha Trust me, after a while, it gets OLD, especially with all the potholes and speed bumps here!

Miss you guys!

Yarnin_Mama said...

Since I just read that it is better to leave a lame comment (on another blog), than no comment, I guess I will have to work on my comments. I really enjoy your blog. I really enjoyed your 50 items. I think I want that Wii Fit. I also hate milk, and love the Steak and Shake milkshakes. Although we recently started Weight Watchers online, and I found out that the Chick-Fil-A Cookies & Cream milk shake is 18 points. Well because I am so short, I only get 21 points a day. Whew!

julie_blauwkamp said...

mmmm- steak n shake milkshakes!
in sight- it must be right!
makes me miss the midwest!
how is it that you can hate milk but love milkshakes?!?