Day 53

I get e-mails several times daily from our local "Freecycle" group. If you haven't heard of Freecycle, it's a great way get rid of things you no longer want/need that are still in good condition or to snag something that you have been looking for. My friend Steph and I frequently get some really good laughs off the Freecycle posts. It's unbelievable what people will give away and even more unbelievable what people will waste precious gas to pick up!

Here are some recent examples of things people have offered:

Mountain Gate restaurant macaroni salad (Would you take food off of Freecycle?)
Old, big, heavy raccoon cage (Does this mean the cage is heavy or the raccoon can be?)
Rodent cage because Sweet Pea the hairless rat suddenly expired (eeewww)
Home theater in a box, half non-working (which half?)
Broken leaf blower and broken printer (What's with all the broken stuff?)
Boxtops for education (There cannot be a mom on the planet who actually NEEDS these!)
Ovulation predictor test and EPT kit (double eeewwww!)
Fallen robin's nest (What the heck??)

And the always-funny listing of things people want:

CB radio (Hey there good buddy, I didn't even know these existed anymore!)
1968 Chevy Malibu (This is FREEcycle. Good luck with that!)
Mrs. White from Clue costume. (Good luck with this too!)
Weiner dog (I think they're technically called "dachshunds".)
Fred Flintstone-type toddler car (I wonder if it comes with "Fred's two feet"?)
Anything that pertains to swans (I'm assuming they don't mean him.)

All of these make me wonder but this one, posted today, takes the cake:

XXXL lead-lined underwear (Again, is this really something you want to obtain from Freecycle?)

P.S. I see you guys don't care much for those serious posts like yesterday's. Nary a comment down there except for Rachel! Thanks Rachel! Not sure if that says something about my readers or about me???


Kathi said...

Ha! Sorry for not commenting yesterday. I promise I will check out the Seattle dude. After all, that was our old stomping ground!

The Thomsons said...

Good grief! People can be so strange...
I love to read comments... to have a friend you have to be a friend...


Steph said...

depending on how many boxtops there were, that might be a good score for your kids school! on the other hand, what exactly IS lead lined underwear????

Robin said...

Hi Jen,
I Freecycle in our area, or I should say, I mostly read it. I admit, I have posted a few items( crutches, wooden bi-fold doors and a dishwasher) not too ridiculous I think and they were picked up. I have never taken anything and I would be very leary of taking many of the items listed for the fear they may have some type of weird "farfalonis". Blog On..Love, Aunt Robin

Yarnin_Mama said...

Okay your freecycle is much more interesting than the Cincinnati listings.

Mom said...

Jen, I was going to bring you some labels for education on MOnday, do you not want them? If not, why do I save them? Re: the post from Aunt Robin - your favorite word.