Day 88

I think I've seen it all. Vlasic now has "pickle ovals"? Good grief. What in the world can a pickle oval possibly accomplish that a regular old pickle-shaped pickle cannot?

Besides, I think "pickle pentagrams" or "pickle pentagons" have a much cooler ring to them. Something about the alliteration, I guess. Or what about "pickle triangles"? Those would work beautifully on all those finger sandwiches that are so popular during the summer. I know I make finger sandwiches several times a week. Yes, I do.


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carla said...

Yet another example of out-of-control American consumerism. Yes, we have way too much if we can create a demand, and a profit for Vlasic, for such a strange niche market as an Oval Pickle. Being the simple girl that I am, I would never buy these just out of sheer principle! That and the fact that I'm cheap, I mean, frugal. They must charge more for the luxury of the oval shape, right?