Day 89

If I were writing catchy titles, this would be a "Quote of the Day" entry.

Yesterday, as we were heading to my sister's house, we were sitting in construction traffic on a rather long bridge. Sydney, who takes after her Grandma VeStrand, does NOT enjoy bridges. And she especially does not enjoy sitting still on them.

She was whimpering a bit, sure the bridge was going to collapse and we were going to die.

Sawyer rolled his eyes and in his most comforting little-brother voice, he melodramatically assured her:

"Sydney, you aren't going to die. Not today, anyway."

Thanks for the help son.......


Kim said...

Ahhh...Brotherly love :)

Steph said...

I love that kid!
have fun at your sister's house!

Kelsey said...

ah hahha that's too funny!