Day 94

Sawyer, our budding entrepreneur, is at it again. (Some of you may remember that he was selling his toys on the "black market" at school this year until he was outed!) He is determined to earn some cash this summer. Below is a picture of his latest business venture.

Just in case you can't read the "colorful" text, this is what it says, exactly as he wrote it.

Jobs I Can Do!

1. Clean the windows, 7$
2. Dust the house, 10$
3. Vacum kicthen (Big is 7$, M is 5$, S is #3)
4. Mow lawn, 11$
5. Make beds, 5$
6. Wash floors, 7$
7. Take out trash, 1$
8. Clean out trash in the house, 5$

Call me. Phone number 123-555-5555.
Sawyer's Home Work

Now, how could you resist this sweet face? He's creative, cheap, and cute to boot! I'd hire him in a heartbeat.


Adam said...

He's clearly built the rising fuel prices into his rates. $5 to make a bed?!?!?

Although I would pay him $11 to cut my lawn.

Amie said...

I have been cleaning windows ALL morning and $7 sounds really, really good right now. I wish I would have known this last week when he was here. :)

Kelsey said...


Also, have I ever told you how much I LOVE the names you've chosen for your kids! They are so unique and creative!

Mom said...

Hey, he can come here and do ANYTHING, I will gladly pay. Then he can make the rounds to Adam and Amie's. By the way, Amie, that's $7 per window, not for all of them.

Lisa said...

He's hired...does he travel??