Fun at Club Knorr....

Here are a few pictures to show what we've been up to here at Club Knorr!

Can you tell what we've been doing?

We've been enjoying delicious meals, which for me and Amie is a no small feat.
We are the queens of the "cereal buffet"!

Taylor, Sydney, Payton, and Lucy waiting for swim time.

Spencer, Sydney, Sawyer, and Garrett enjoying the water.

Chase, Sawyer, Spencer, Sydney, and Garrett ready
to find the dive sticks!

Beautiful Lucy LOVES the water!


Foma said...

awwww....i just stumbled upon your blog. are these all your kids? they are so adorable!

Steph said...

I can't believe how big Lucy has gotten! wow is she adorable! looks like everyone is having a great time! no pics of you and amie?