Fun in the Sun!

Last week, we took a field trip with the Kumpfs to the Beaver Dam Swimming Club. It's a natural quarry with a swing over the water, numerous rock ledges and diving platforms for jumping, sandy beaches, and even a log tethered to the dock for log rolling. The kids had a BLAST!!

Ann and I were able to sit and chat and watch them have fun. We were a little leery of the "quarry", which is approximately 50 feet deep, but all was fine and we had a great time swimming and spending the afternoon with good friends!


Steph said...

ooooh I wanted more pictures! is miss sydney wearing a tankini?? and will you please give sawyer a cookie already??
miss you guys sooo sooo much!! how many sleeps till october??

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun!! Where was Brooke?

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry the above was from me, Nancy