A Recommendation......

Jeff and Payton are gone this weekend (more on that in a few days) so the other kids and I have been relaxing and enjoying a quiet day at home.

I have been totally and completing enjoying the HBO series John Adams on DVD. I guess maybe I'm a history geek but I love, love, love historical movies like this. And this one is so good!

I am simply amazed by the sacrifice and brilliance and strength of character of these men who literally founded our great country. It gives me goosebumps to watch it, and I will even admit to getting teary a few times. It's so moving, and makes me very proud and thankful to be an American! It seems to me we could use some of their wisdom, and integrity, and courage in Washington today. Check it out for yourselves!


becky said...

I have heard lots of great things about this series. If you teared up, that means I will cry buckets!

Yarnin_Mama said...

N & I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this series. Maybe I should put the DVDs on my gift list.