Do ya ever wonder......

why we all fall for those 100-calorie pack things? Why don't we just buy the big bag/box, which is almost always cheaper, and then put three crackers/cookies/etc. in a plastic baggie?

why women's....ahem....undergarment manufacturers put silky bows and little flowers smack in the center of their....ahem....products? I mean, seriously, if you are a DD, or even a AA, do you really and truly want that little bump poking through your cute Gap tee shirt?

why, when I am paying $11.49/pound for meat at the deli, can't the clerk take two extra seconds to actually CLOSE the ziploc bag? I don't enjoy dried out cheese or ham that has assumed a grayish color. Am I asking too much?

why people feel compelled to paint Bible verses, in CURSIVE, on their black metal mailboxes? I mean do they really and truly believe that the mailman or, for that matter, anyone driving by is going to care--that is IF they can even read the scribble?

And while I'm on the subject of Bible verses, why is it that whenever people are convicted to bless passersby with a verse of scripture, they always choose the verses that assure hellfire and damnation? Maybe it's just me, but I can't help but wonder if painting (and probably misspelling) "The wages of sin is death!" on a piece of plywood in your front yard is really what God had in mind when he told us to make disciples??

why, after I've spent nearly $100 on who knows what, do I have to show my receipt to the sweet old lady at Wal-mart? I mean, really and truly, she can't possibly know for certain as she swipes her bright yellow highlighter down my receipt that everything I paid for is in my bag. I'm sorry but I think that whole "check your receipt as you leave the store" thing is BUNK of the highest order!

There you have it--a window into my freaky-but-ever-inquiring mind the past few days. Your thoughts??


Kathi said...

Preach it sister!

No Bible verses on mailboxes down here in E-burg that I've seen, however there is one Jesus Van....they have a huge pix of crucified Jesus on the back of their van and a verse as well. Oh yea, that'll make me want to come to your church...not!

Love, not condemnation, people.

Steph said...

havin' a bad day jen???

Michelle said...

The door "attendants" at my local Supercenter are oh-so-diligent about counting the items in my basket and comparing the total to that which appears on my receipt. I have literally stood at the door for several minutes as my items were counted and recounted...

Amie said...

I ditto Steph's comment. My first response way "Oh my goodness Jen."
Do you need some time at Club Knorr? :)

Love and Miss Ya,


Tamera said...

Right there with you!!
Bible verses - we have a car in our small town with the "hellfire and damnation" verses printed out on their dot-matrix printer and taped to their windows along with a bumper sticker that reads (and I'm not joking) "If it ain't King James, it ain't the Bible" - whew - offending both non-believers and believers on one vehicle!!
WalMart - I triggered the alarm system at WalMart when I bought 3 items - 2 cd's for my father-in-law for Father's Day and a gift card for my dad. The helpful senior citizen held each item to the "buzzer thingie" and none triggered the buzz response. So, in the effort to help Mr. Senior Citizen out said "you are free to look into my purse in case you think I have shoplifted anything" (my purse is large enough to conceal a dead body) to which he replied "no, I'm only required to check the WalMart bag". So . . . just stuff things into your bag - you'll never get caught!

Marzola Happenings said...

jen..jen...jen..I was just thinking the other day (after I watched 'The Other Boelyn Girl') why is it that wayyyy back in the 16th century if you were even THOUGHT to have had an incest relationship you were to go before the court and found guilty and then executed..but today..well, you would go before the fine producers of Jerry Springer..haha...seriously though, how times have changed. :)

I do find it weird that people would paint bible verses on their mailboxes.
My most pondering question of the week though would be...why on earth do they NEED to make thong socks?? ahha....the things they come up with!
enjoy your evening!

Denise said...

Well, Jen, at our itty-bitty Walmart the security buzzer goes off and nobody does a thing. I don't know why they even bother to turn the blasted thing on. They have a "greeter" at the entrance. They cannot afford to post anyone at the exit. The "greeter" is too busy chatting with folks to pay any attention to the security issues. Of course, I only do my Hallmark job there...I do not shop there. I can proudly say I have not shopped at my local Walmart since March 2007. I rarely shop at any Walmart. I am almost convinced that I can live without spending any of my hard earned money at Walmart. They treat vendors (like me) badly. They treat their own employees even worse. Folks in my rural area say there is no place else to shop. Yes there are other places but Walmart has convinced us we can't live without them.
I've seen the painted signs but not any on mailboxes yet. Anyhooo...loved your rant. Sorry to get off onto my own about Walmart.

Mom said...

Lots of Bible verses around here being displayed, but I don't think I've ever seen one on a mailbox. Now barns are a different thing. At least you can see them for a little bit. I hope you weren't having a bad day. You didn't sound bad when I was talking to you. I would love to see you all
at Club Knorr.