Wednesday Miscellaneous

Thanks to those of you who wished me well after Monday's post. I didn't realize my post was so angst-ridden. Really, I wasn't having a bad day at all, just questioning some of the idiocies of life. And there are many.

So, on a lighter note, I though I'd share some fun things I have found recently on the internet and thought you might enjoy as well.

First of all, Steven Curtis Chapman and his family are scheduled to appear on Larry King Live tomorrow night, 8/06. They will also be featured in the August 15 People magazine (a refreshing change after this week's blather about Brad and Angelina's twins). They will be speaking about their daughter Maria's death and how their faith has sustained them. Definitely worth watching/reading.

Now for some fun linkage:

www.dealseekingmom.blogspot.com My sister, Amie, showed me this site, and it's really quite amazing. I have found lots of great deals and gotten lots of free samples. Worth checking out.

http://shedoeshair.blogspot.com/ As most of you probably realize, hair and all things involving hair are definitely not my strong suit. But if you have little girls with long hair and a talent for braids, ponytails, etc., you will enjoy this blog.

http://jane4girls800dollarannualbudget.blogspot.com/ This lady is attempting to spend less than $800 dollars this year on food for her three daughters and herself. She has an amazing ability to get things for free. Check it out.

http://www.drgrammar.org/ This blog's tagline reads "Your Rx for writing ills." Enough said.

http://stufffchristianslike.blogspot.com/ Very funny. Probably because it's very true.

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Tara said...

Thanks for the link, Jen! I'm glad I've been able to help you stretch your budget!!!

Tara @ Deal Seeking Mom