***New E-mail***

Well, after my fiasco with Verizon yesterday, we discontinued our internet service (which isn't available at our new home and should have been discontinued a month ago but that's another story...) and, effective immediately, our new e-mail address is


Please update your records. And, if you've sent me something in the past 24 hours, please resend it! Thanks!


Valerie said...

Oh yes....Verizon. The provider who did not cancel service on my phone when we came back to Brazil (only on Dave's). My cell phone got stolen and someone made over $900 of phone calls on it!!!!!!! But fortunately, I did NOT have to pay for them since the phone was stolen. ACK!

Marzola Happenings said...

verizon...the company that makes you call them and wait 2 hours before someone can help you. well, at least SAY they will help you. good luck with the change!