Not I Monday........on Tuesday

Okay, okay, I'm still a little behind but I made GREAT progress yesterday--at work and at home--and I am feeling like I have successfully navigated "re-entry". Never mind that it took me more than a week. Yikes!! I HATE that "nothing is getting finished" feeling.

Anyway, this will be the "Not I" Chicago edition since I haven't blogged since our great trip to the Windy City.

While in Chicago, I definitely did NOT eat the remainder of a piece of chocolate mousse cheesecake from here for breakfast. That would definitely NOT be a nutritious way to start a day of marathon shopping. Nope. Not I.

While in Chicago, I definitely did NOT find myself on the floor at 3 a.m. after rolling too close to the edge of the futon. That would mean I was clumsy and disoriented. Nope. Not I.

While in Chicago, I most definitely did NOT respond to a lovely, young misguided soul wearing a Greenpeace shirt in a possibly not-so-nice way. She merely asked me "You love polar bears and want to stop global warming, don't you?" And I absolutely did not bark right back saying "No. And all that global warming stuff is a bunch of bunk." Nope. Not I. Who in their right mind uses the word "bunk" in daily conversation, after all? Certainly not I.

Finally, while in Chicago, I certainly did NOT leave my eyeglasses on the hotel room floor and not realize it until the following night when I removed my contacts and couldn't see a blessed thing. I did NOT then have to call the aforementioned hotel (NOT the home of the futon, by the way) and ask them kindly to mail said eyeglasses to my home so I could see after 10 p.m. Nope. Not I.

What about you? Any "Not I" moments in your life in the past couple weeks?? Come on now! Be HONEST!


Steph said...

when you said you didn't eat the chocolate cheesecake from HERE...for a second I thought HERE was going to be your trash can...then I remembered whose blog I was reading!

Marzola Happenings said...

I did not buy an entire cheesecake from Juniors in NYC and want to eat it all by myself. No way! Not I! I would NEVER consider NOT sharing. :)