Off to the Windy City!!

Hello!! I'm sorry it's been quiet around here lately. I've been busy having fun! Steph came to town last Thursday for our church ladies' retreat, and we had a GREAT time. The only bad part was that she had to leave on Sunday afternoon. After a good cry, I'm back to surviving without her.

The retreat was GREAT!! The speaker was wonderful, and Julie and I co-led the BEST small group ever. It was great to get to know some new people and make some new friends. It really was a special weekend.

While I was gone, Jeff and the kids had a great time at home. Brooke had her first "fire pit" party. Jeff worked hard in the backyard and made a great fire pit, and Brooke had 20 friends over on Saturday night for the inaugural fire and then a movie. We are thankful that we now have the space for lots of friends and that we are now close enough that they can all hang out here!

And, of course, since the younger kids weren't "welcome" at the first bonfire, Jeff and I had another fire with them last night, including s'mores, roasted marshmallows, and even Webster. (We were dogsitting for the weekend too!)

Unfortunately, since I got home on Sunday night, I've had a horrid case of hives all over (and I do mean "all" over.). This has happened to me before--for no apparent reason--and I've just suffered through it. But, since mom and I are heading to Grand Rapids/Chicago tomorrow, I wasn't willing to suffer for a week. Thankfully, my doctor agreed and gave me steroids that will hopefully kick the hives and KILL the itching. It's awful!!

That's the latest from the VeStrands! Mom and I head out to Grand Rapids early tomorrow morning, and then I'm off to Chicago on Friday morning. So it will be quiet around here for a few more days. Never fear, however, I have several "Grievous Grammar" posts lined up already. And I imagine the weekend may bring quite a few "Not I" moments as well! Have a great week everyone!


Steph said...

have a great time in Chicago and esp at Wicked! did the doc give you any idea of what might have caused the hives this time? drive safely tomorrow and say hi to your mom and sisters for me!
miss ya girlfriend!

Tamera said...

I, too, am a sufferer of chronic hives - no known reason - mine appear approximately every 7 years (and, yes, we call them the 7 year itch). This past January-March I had them on the soles of my feet and palms also (THAT was fun!). Have fun in that great city doing all those great things!!

Marzola Happenings said...

enjoy your weekend! sorry to hear about the hives. hope they go away soon!

Adam said...

Sounds like you get all of Dad's weird ailments. Have you lost your hair yet?