I'm Baaa-aaack!

Actually, I've been back since Monday night but I am just now finally coming up for air. It's always wonderful to get away but, boy, surviving "re-entry" is another matter entirely! I cannot believe how many dirty clothes 5 people can amass in one six-day time period. YIKES!!

But now that I've successfully scaled Mt. Laundry, restocked the cabinets, cleaned the house, gone through all the mail, paid the bills, caught up at work, and watched the Phillies, I'm happy to be back in blog land! Did you miss me? Surely you didn't think I stayed in Chicago?? Well, actually, I would LOVE to stay in Chicago if it weren't for that pesky "celebration" a certain (scary!) presidential candidate is planning there. You couldn't pay me enough money to party with him! (Of course, even the losers have a party, right??)

But moving right along.......we had a WONDERFUL time in Chicago!! So wonderful that I only took one picture (unlike my companions who took many forbidden photographs during Wicked!! ahem....) The show was AMAZING! We had a great time--shopping, eating, talking, laughing. It was all good. I am very blessed to have such good friends and to maintain close relationships with them even though we only see each other once a year! Thanks Lisa, Sheryl, and Rebecca! Can't wait until next year!

In closing, I will leave you with this week's "Grievous Grammar" picture. Believe it or not, I found this shirt on the clearance rack at Delia's. Now, the good thing is that it was on the clearance rack. The bad thing is that it was the ONLY one of its kind on the clearance rack, which probably means that many unsuspecting and, evidently, illiterate teenage girls are walking around with this grievous grammar error plastered across their chests. Unbelievable.


Michelle said...

Ugh! One of my biggest peeves...apostrophe abuse!

Welcome back. You were missed in blogland. Glad to hear you had a great time. Aren't wonderful girlfriends the best?

Melissa said...

Thank God you're back! Now I can have something to look forward to reading every few days!!!

Melissa Mowry

Jen said...

My nine-year-old got both of them correct, down to the spelling of heroes.

jodie said...

I was afraid ewe had abandoneded bloging for facebook. Im vary sad bout all those who have desserted.

Marzola Happenings said...

haaha...so, I am not really hung up on the grammar error as I am about the fact that a teenage girl would ACTUALLY WEAR the shirt! :)

Jenni said...

Wicked rocks! We got to see it last year and now DH is reading "Son of a Witch" that is along those same lines.

Lisa (of the Chicago Girls) said...

Chicago, yea! Let's go back!!
I was beginning to think you weren't going to blog anymore!!

Sherri said...

It seems this is just another victim of imported products. Guess the language on our clothing is now in "broken" english. Sad, sad, sad.
Aunt Sherri