Sawyer on Trees

This is a recent writing assignment that Sawyer completed for his Language class. It was too good not to post! He completed this entirely on his own. I have NO idea where he got his information, but I suspect a quick google search provided most of it! I think we may have a budding blogger in the family! Enjoy!

by Sawyer VeStrand
Trees can be made into wood, which makes pencils. They can make paper too. That's helpful They have all kinds--maple, apple, oak, palm. They can be big or small, fat or skinny. As you know they need water, and they need good, clean, fresh water. There are coniferous and deciduous trees. They can be 300 or 30 feet tall. So trees are super useful. So go out to a field and plant a tree! And don't forget to water it!


Steph said...

now even I feel like a tree expert!

Sandy said...

Great job! Keep writing!

Chocolate, Vanilla and Caramel said...

Such great advice! Yes, don't forget to water it! Loved this!!

Laurel said...

So cute! And per yesterday's post: Lose and loose...ah, one of my pet peeves!