"Not I Monday"

Here we go again! Another "Not I" Monday and another doozy of a week for me. Once again, if you are prone to wet yourself while laughing, consider yourself forewarned. Enjoy!
  • I do not believe that I have set a precedent here and that my faithful readers tune in each Monday (or Tuesday or whatever day I happen to get around to posting!), hoping to read that I have done something completely stupid, klutzy, or idiotic. Nope. Not I.
  • I did not hastily pull a can out from the cabinet and spray my ready-to-go hair with white, fluffy mousse rather than hairspray. Nope. Not I.
  • I did not drive up to the bank teller window today, quickly roll down my window and make a deposit, only to find that the driver's side window had decided that it was tired of going up and down and would like to stay down permanently. Nope. Not I.
  • I did not then pull over in the bank parking lot and, in a most unladylike position, straddle the door of the car in an attempt to push the window button while pulling it up with my hands. Nope. Not I.
  • Having failed at that, I most definitely did NOT drive seven miles home down Rte 140 (a fairly busy four-lane road) with the window all the way down and the heat going full blast. Not I!
  • I most definitely did not call my friend Kari for a recipe WHILE I was driving down Rte. 140, and the story of my dilemma did not force her to hang up because she was laughing so hard that her co-workers were getting suspicious. Nope. Not I.
  • **Edited to add"--I most definitely did NOT reach inside the locked car and hit the unlock button while I was attempting to get the window up at the bank. And I did NOT turn 80 shades of red when the car alarm went off while I was straddling the door, huffing and puffing to pull the window up, and generally mortified.
Can anyone beat that?? Not I!


Marzola Happenings said...

oh.my.word!!! I am STILL laughing about the story! I have a few 'Not I's" but cant spill it here, too long and well...I should just post on my own blog. :)
always fun hearing your stories. and by the way, I am still trying to get a mental picture of you, the car, and the bank tellers watching you. :) heehee

Denise Kay said...

LOL!! I hope it was not as cold and windy in MD as it was here in PA today.

Kerry said...

Oh that was funny... love the laugh

Laurel said...

I would pay money to have seen you straddling the car door attempting to close it with the alarm going off. Money! And do you know how I know it's Monday? My dishwasher broke, and I had to do 2 days worth of dishes by hand. And on top of that, I get to buy a new dishwasher; just what was on my Christmas list!

To make me feel better I'm now going to picture you trying to pull your window closed...ah, better. Thank you!