Back to the grind.....

Well, the VeStrands survived the first day back in our "normal" routine! And, best of all, Sofie was a champ while I was at work! She and I have been taking long walks through the neighborhood,(good for her, better for my waistline!) and right now, she is sacked out on the couch.

We had a great Christmas break, and it sure was tough to hear the alarm clock this morning and get back into the routine of school, homework, work, practices, etc.

Rather than expound at length on all that we enjoyed over the break, I decided a list (in no particular order) would be easier for me to write and probably easier for you to read! Hope your holidays were good too!

During the 2008-2009 holiday break, I/we....
  • Enjoyed a wonderful visit from my sister and her family. We don't see them enough.
  • Enjoyed our amazing new Mac-and had lots of fun on the webcam with the Ferbers!
  • Read this GOOD book!
  • Inventoried and organized the pantry and freezer(s).
  • Got a new hard drive for my macbook and tried not to think about all I lost on the defunct hard drive.
  • Got a Garmin GPS, for which we are considering names!
  • Enjoyed this hilarious movie--more than once!
  • Participated in an amazing christmas eve service at church.
  • Visited here and got Jeff's library unpacked and organized on the new shelves. Yeah!!
  • Enjoyed a great christmas in Pennsylvania with my family.
  • Ate way too many christmas cookies and other sweets.
  • Missed celebrating 2009 with old friends but had a great time with new friends too!
  • Enjoyed a night out with a good friend and saw this, which was better than I had heard!
  • Played lots of Sequence and Blokus! Missed playing Settlers though!
  • Got this book from Jeff and can't wait to read it!
  • Enjoyed our wonderful new family member!
  • Failed to enjoy the vacation as much as I should have but look forward to a great 2009!


Michelle said...

Happy New Year! Sounds like a wonderful, family-fun kind of holiday season...just the way I like 'em.

Sandy said...

Sounds like a great break! We have ONE more day...
Our GPS is named "Emily" and she served us quite well on our latest trip through California and Nevada!

Mom said...

I think the GPS name should be "Charmin" Garmin. YOu can also have the double meaning of it cleaning up the mess of being lost.

Tamera said...

Our GPS is Lola - or when she has on her "accent" Lolita.

I want to hear more about 7 pounds. Looks interesting. Kids and kids and me went to see Bedtime Stories - - I laughed really loudly and often =]