Look Out, Michael Jordan.....

.............the VeStrand boys have arrived!!

Thursday, in the middle school basketball game, Payton scored his first points of the season!! He has gotten quite a bit of playing time but hadn't scored any points, much to his dismay! Jeff said when that ball went in, the gym erupted in cheers! I, of course, was not there. I'm so bummed!

Today, in Sawyer's first rec league basketball game, he scored 12 points, had 13 rebounds, and 5 steals. I was there. Unfortunately, my camera was not.

I need to get on the "ball". I'm quite sure Mrs. Jordan and her camera NEVER missed a game!

Go Payton and Sawyer! We love you and we're proud of you!


Adam said...

Go Payton and Sawyer! I'll be sure to Tivo Sportscenter for the highlights.

Mom said...

Good going, boys. Can't wait to see you play, very soon.
Love, Grammy

Anonymous said...

Good Job Guys, Keep up the good playing.

The Beckers