Overheard at the Salon....

Today, after eight--count 'em--eight LONG weeks, I got my hair cut, colored, and highlighted. It was heaven! (I am one of those people who would get their hair cut every 3 weeks, if the budget allowed, so this was a long stretch of bad hair and gray roots for me.)

If you've ever spent any length of time in a beauty salon, you know that the conversation is generally unparalleled and well-known for its wisdom, wit, and veracity. Never mind the gossip, exaggeration, and pretense. (Can anyone say Steel Magnolias?) However, the conversation I overheard today definitely falls into the former category.

I was chatting happily with Sandra (my wonderful stylist; let me know if you want her number!) as I noticed a mom come in with her teenage son, who, according to mom, was desperately in need of a haircut. I didn't pay much attention to them until I heard the word "tampon" come out of mom's mouth. Both Sandra and I stopped talking and looked in their general direction. Had we heard what we thought we'd heard? Sure enough. She said it again.

Mom: S had a nosebleed yesterday, and we couldn't get it to stop. Finally, we shoved a tampon up his nostril to stop the bleeding.
Stylist: Really? I've never heard of that.
Mom: Well, it worked great until it got full and started expanding in his nose. Then we had a problem.
Stylist chuckling. (Sandra and I staring in astonishment, probably with our mouths hanging wide open.)
Mom: Once we got that out, it was still bleeding. So we sprayed another tampon with Afrin nasal spray and stuck it up his nose.
Stylist: You sprayed it with Afrin?
Mom: Yes! Nasal spray makes the blood vessels in your nose constrict. So we sprayed it on there to help stop the bleeding. You should try it next time you have a nosebleed.
Stylist: I'll have to remember that.

At this point, Sandra and I are half-laughing/half-gagging. And, even now, I am still wondering whatever happened to bending over and pinching your nose? Not to mention, how funny did that poor boy look with a string hanging out of his nose?


Steph said...

that is wrong on so many levels...yeah, pinch your nose doofus! my stylist brought me coffee with kahlua in it today...I LIKEY my new salon!

Sandy said...

Oh my gosh, Jen...I am just laughing, with TEARS running down my face! That poor, poor boy!

Jenn said...

So this totally made me giggle because I truely DO have two tampons stick up my nose (complete with black strings) and I'm doing the Afrin thing 3X a day. lol

Poor boy!! But I'm sure it's nothing the ER hasn't seen, you know?

Dave Baldwin said...

Okay Jen that was TMI!!!
You have gray roots?

emily said...

Did my sister answer your kitchen cab question? No, they were not sanded. Sorry to your hubby :) Use a tinted primer (it looks bluish when it goes on) and a semi-gloss paint. At least, that's what we did. Remodeling Guy is gonna have a tutorial on painting cabinets coming up so stay tuned for that!