A Little Linkage Love......

Recently, I've found some fun new sites in my internet travels. Thought you might enjoy them too!

• This is a GREAT site for keeping up with politics, if that doesn't nauseate you these days.


• If you haven't found what you're looking for at www.hulu.com, these sites might be helpful. (If you're into Wonder Woman reruns, first of all, don't admit that to anyone unless you enjoy embarrassment. Secondly, www.veoh.com might be just what you've been searching for.)

If Adam-12 or My Big Redneck Wedding are more your speed, these sites will interest you:


• Now, unlike you Wonder Woman fans, I am PROUD to admit my penchant for all things organized AND labeled. If you enjoy a good label template as much as the next guy--or me--go here. It's heaven! And I've tried some of them. They really work! All you have to do is enter the Avery label number (because, of course, you all have blank Avery labels filed by number and at the ready for all your projects, right?) and type in your information. Fun!!

• I don't require much sleep, and I'm not much of a napper (I don't enjoy feeling like I've been run over by a truck.). But if you could sleep 20 hours a day and also need to lose a few pounds, this might be just the ticket. I will say that I'm a bit dubious about this weight loss plan: if it really works, I have a 16 year old that should weigh about 14 pounds. Just sayin'.....

• And, if you could care less about those pounds and you just enjoy eating, waddle over here. OH. MY. WORD! Scroll down and check out those Twitter cookies! And don't say I didn't warn you.

• If you'd like to brush up on your European geography--and who wouldn't?-- this site is lots of fun. And, by the way, you don't ever want to travel through Europe with me. There's no tellin' where we might end up.

• Finally, two must-have sites for those iPod downloads. I know I have sung his praises about a million times before but, please, please for the love of God and all that is holy, go listen to Mark Driscoll's series on Song of Solomon. It. is. phenomenal. (Truthfully, ALL of his sermon series are phenomenal, but this one was especially good!)

I'd be willing to bet that very few, if any, of you have ever heard one sermon, much less a sermon series, on the Song of Solomon. In fact, if you saw that in the "Upcoming Sermon Series" section of the church bulletin, you'd probably get the heck outta Dodge for the duration. Be honest. You know you would. But, I promise you this is SO GOOD. And it applies beautifully to married couples, engaged couples, singles, parents, even teens. I am seriously considering making this "required listening" for all our kids before they get married. It's that good.

• The second site is www.thebibleexperience.us. Somewhere in the recesses of my frazzled brain, I remember hearing about this project at some point. But, a few weeks ago, our community group leaders mentioned how much they were enjoying it and, boy, am I glad they did!

You can download a book, or in some cases, a few shorter books, of the Bible from iTunes for $3.95 each. It's dramatized with music, and it's amazing. So far, I've listened to Esther, and I'm part of the way through the book of Psalms. Colossians and Ruth are next on my list. You won't be disappointed. I have found that these downloads are a great way to "redeem" my dog walking time! Check 'em out!

So there you have it! Those should keep you busy for a while. And if you really like one of them, please come back and let me know.


Tamera said...

Thank you for the linkage love - - I am so into "researching" on the computer - but mostly it has to do with the special needs kids I work with - so having something for ME is great C:

carla said...

How could you forget about lil' old me, Jen? You KNOW how much I LOVE Mark Driscoll's preaching. Currently watching the 1 Peter vodcasts - AMAZING!!! What an honest, biblical and God-glorifying exposition on suffering in our lives. I highly recommend it for anyone who is struggling or has struggled through trials, loss, and/or depression.

You have convinced me to put the Song of Solomon series next on my list! You are VERY persuasive! :)