Sharin' the (linkage) Love........

I don't know how you feel about the previous linkage love postings, but this is some linkage love you don't want to miss! (Maybe you can pick up one of those tacky cute St. Patrick's day tee-shirts. Because who doesn't want to go around sportin' four-leaf clovers front and center?!?!)


We’d like to offer you 30% off during our Friends & Family event. We’re calling it
Give & Get because for every purchase you make from March 12-15, we’ll give 5% of
the amount you spend to your favorite non-profit.

Plus, as one of our best customers, you get to share your discount with friends and
family. And that means 5% of the amount they spend will also go to your non-profit.
Simply click here, choose your non-profit, and we’ll send you another
invitation you can forward to your friends and family.





Happy Shopping!! (I wonder if Old Navy sells prom dresses???)

**Edited to Add: I saw that I forgot to add one link on the last post. I fixed it, although, since no one let me know it wasn't there, I think I now know how you all feel about the linkage love!

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