Some Linkage Love............and a clarification too!

Around here, we are still basking in the sad but contented aftermath of Les Miserables and swirling about in the unending torrent that is lacrosse! The AMAZING play was last weekend (Eponine was the BEST, by far, but I'm just a little biased! Pictures coming soon!) My sister and niece flew in last Thursday for the weekend, and my mom and dad and brother and sister-in-law were here on Friday for opening night! Sawyer has had a lacrosse tournament already (after just one practice--what's up with that?), and Payton had a lacrosse tournament last weekend (2 games Saturday, 2 games Sunday, which were thankfully cancelled because of rain) and tomorrow they both have games at noon. Fun, fun!!

So far, I'm liking lacrosse even less than I liked Payton's one year in football, if that's possible. I am SOOO not one of those "my kids have to do every sport, every club, every dance class, etc. possible" kind of moms that this schedule makes me nuts. I rather enjoying having my entire family at the dinner table all at one time every day and not having to run like crazy to get the next kid where he or she needs to be. It's ridiculous! But, against my better judgment, here we are.

So, as you've probably noticed, the blogging has been rather light--except for that darned Facebook post, which I will reference below! But, I have managed to find a few great links that I wanted to share! Enjoy!

Are you a jaded Lost fan, like me? I'm thinking Lost may be going the way of my time on Facebook but for now, this is an interesting theory.

This post is very thought-provoking and rather timely, considering my Facebook rant. Her writing style isn't necessarily my favorite (something about being called "Sweet Sister" by someone I don't know just rankles me--one of the reasons I can't get into Beth Moore (gasp! did I just say that out loud?)) but she makes some great points that lots of us could stand to hear.

Just for fun, this site has some beautiful jewelry that would be great for a personalized gift or very special occasion. I'm filing this one for future reference!

I just stumbled on her site this morning. Before you head over there, I might remind you of that commandment about not coveting!! Don't say I didn't warn ya!

Also, I used to check here every day but when my hard drive died, I forgot about it. My mom reminded me of it this morning, and I snagged a great Vera Bradley purse for just $25!! Thanks mom!! You can sign up for their daily e-mails and the sales will come to you!

Finally, before I leave you with one last link, I wanted to make a few points of clarification about my Facebook post. I have debated about whether or not I needed to say anything, and although I feel I made these disclaimers adequately in my original post, I've gotten some feedback (in the comments and in person) that makes me think a few things deserve repeating, so here you go.

First of all (as I said in the original post), I do NOT think Facebook is a bad thing. I LOVE Facebook. Heck, I LOVE Facebook waayy too much! That's why I was feeling the need to step away a bit. However, Facebook, just like anything else (which I also said in my original post...ahem) can become a hindrance, a blind spot, an idol, if you will. My post was just that: MY POST. It was MY opinion about my thoughts on Facebook and decisions I am making for myself. I was not trying to change your mind, coerce you into giving up YOUR Facebook account, or even asking you to agree with me. I was sharing MY heart and how I was feeling. At the very least, I hope I encouraged you to honestly evaluate but, if not, that's fine too. Did my post make you uncomfortable (or defensive) because maybe it hit awfully close to home? Just sayin'........... If you can honestly evaluate your Facebook time and say it's under control and not standing in the way of what is BEST, you go girl (or guy, as the case may be>)!

I have made the PERSONAL decision that my Facebook account will serve as a way of communicating with far-away friends and relatives, high school and college friends, and others whom I will choose carefully. It's as simple as that for ME. I'm not going to communicate via Facebook with someone who I never--or very rarely--speak to in real life. I'm not going to communicate via Facebook with my children's school friends. I just don't need--or want--that type of "social networking".

To all those of you who feel differently..........Facebook away. Friend request. Take those quizzes. Enrich your lives by knowing which "Peanuts" character or Spice Girl you are most like, if that floats your boat. Just please don't be offended if I ignore your numerous friend requests. I am choosing what is BEST for me (good read on this subject here). I hope you will do the same for YOU.

Happy Friday everyone!


Kerry said...

Well... *I* found your fb post interesting. I have tried - and I'm doing pretty well with it, too - to not be on there as constantly, but it is fun when I'm bored. :-) I thought it was funny you said you weren't going to be friends with all your kids friends... honestly - good chunk of why I bother. Not so much to "check up", but just to keep an eye on what they are up to - I have a very strict rule for myself about not "parenting" on fb - I think that is ridiculous and one of my friends insists on doing it... ugh. Anyway, back to the point... mostly it is my family and friends I live way too far away from. I had this discussion a few weeks ago with my daughter who feels bad rejecting people on MySpace or fb... I told her if she isn't friends with them irl, why be friends online?? Doesn't make any sense!
...the quizzes amuse me sometimes - even if the spelling and grammar leaves a lot to be desired...

Kerry said...

oops - guess I wrote a whole post as a response :-) Sorry :-)

Kerry said...

OH - and I forgot to mention... I love sports, love watching my kids play, love running around to them - in a world where I'm not already so busy I can't think straight!! but... I have miss athletic and brainy who is in EVERYTHING and her younger brother who wants so badly to be her :-)