Swirly Saturday....

We are alive and well! It's been a BUSY week at our house (pictures to prove that coming tomorrow, I hope!). It was hardly a spring BREAK, but it was a week full of accomplishments, so it's all good.

I decided to call this "Swirly Saturday" because my mind is "swirling" with lots of random things--good, bad, and indifferent. (Hence the "swirly" clip art to your right.) And, because I haven't posted in a week and I know you are DYING to know what goes on in this little head of mine, I thought I'd share!

  • Basement is well on its way to being "finished", thanks to Jeff's dad and some dear friends!
  • Had a great trip to DC on Thursday with some great friends.
  • Brooke had a great visit to Houghton College this past week.
  • Brooke and Payton are enjoying Weekend 180 at Lifepoint Church.
  • We got some beautiful plants for the house/yard this weekend.
  • We grilled hot dogs and ate dinner on the deck last night.
  • All flowerbeds are weeded, lawn is mowed, and flag pole is sporting a brand new flag!
  • We've been sleeping with the windows open at night!
  • I thoroughly enjoyed watching my first lacrosse game today. It was MUCH better than I anticipated.
  • Federal tax refund is sitting in the bank account.
  • The Yankees lost 22-4 today!
  • The basement is a MESS! Well-labeled Rubbermaid containers are no good at all when you can't get to them!
  • Everyone else on the east coast also decided to visit DC on Thursday.
  • Brooke will be heading to college next year. Where has the time gone?
  • Lunches and homework begin again on Monday.
  • State tax payment left the bank account.
  • We are badly in need of groceries, which means a trip to the grocery store is in order. Ugh!
  • The weeds will come back, the grass will grow, and the 15 bags of mulch in the garage will not magically spread themselves.
  • The males in my family enjoy the NBA playoffs. I. DO. NOT.
  • I wonder if the neighbors will ever take down their outdoor Christmas decorations?
  • I have to make an African dish for Payton's school project this week. (Do you think they eat Minute Rice in Africa?)
  • I need to paint the breezeway.
  • Why do people use fake flowers and/or hanging plants as outdoor decorations?
  • I really need to finish my photo organization project.
  • I need to wash my windows. (This should probably be up in the "Bad" category!)

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