Accountability: A good thing!

5 9 7 with Topairy

Well, I've had several people tell me I'm not blogging enough lately so I am going to officially make myself publicly accountable by telling all of you (if anyone is still out there!) that the 600th Post Contest will be next Sunday, May 24! That gives me one week to make at least three posts and come up with some sort of fun, cutesy, innovative contest that will make one of you LUCKY readers actually WIN something (which is also yet to be determined) you won't be able to live without!

It goes without saying that we've been busy! We've had lacrosse, gardening, play practice and two play performances, more lacrosse, worship team practice, end-of-school-year events and projects, cast parties, more gardening, prom #2, oh and lacrosse!! Whew!! I am ready for a "break"--although our summer is shaping up to be quite busy as well.

I promise pictures of plays, proms, even puddles in the basement (ugh!) some linkage love, and maybe another inspiring post, if inspiration should strike in my current flustered state! So please stay tuned.....and all of you lurkers out there...and I know you're there, I met another "lurker" at church a few weeks ago (Hi Amy !!), please consider coming out of the "blog stalker closet" and entering the contest. First, and foremost, so you'll have a chance to win a FABULOUS prize. Second, so I know you're out there and reading! I've met some wonderful people just through this silly blog. Evidently, quite a few people care about our chaotic life! Or--they're just plain 'ole nosy, but I'm choosing to believe they actually care!

Thanks for your patience! Have a great week! And be sure to check back!


Marzola Happenings said...

you make your blog fun to read! bring on the prizes!! :)

Publisher's Clearing House said...

Who doesn't love a fabulous giveaway?

Denise Kay said...

I love reading your thought provoking and often humorous posts. Lately....it has been Sawyer's comedy that has lightened my mood. He is a riot!