A Little Linkage Love......

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As promised, here are some fun sites I've found as I've traveled the world wide web lately. Enjoy!
  • I am a recent and very proud member of SPOGG--The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar. I don't know who ever thought of such a thing, but I wish it had been me! I might need one of those tee shirts.

  • Clark Little's pictures are simply amazing. Be sure to go through all of them. Wow!

  • Most of you know that Jeff and I started dating while we were in Australia on a mission's trip. Because of that, I have a definite soft spot for the "Land Down Under". You probably don't know that our retirement "dream" includes a loft apartment in downtown Chicago. No afternoons on the golf course or early-bird specials for us! We hope to live it up in the Windy City!

    However, when I stumbled across this blog, I actually reconsidered. Maybe a sweet cottage by the sea (gasp!) in Australia would be just the retirement ticket for us! Be sure to read her story and check out all her pictures. Her WHOLE house is decorated in WHITE! Unbelievable and beautiful too!

  • Summer break is almost here!! No more packing lunches! No more laborious science projects!! But, oh, along about June 30, this might sound like a GREAT idea!! Click on your state to see participating theaters in your area. If you don't mind hearing screaming children and stepping on Cheerios while you watch a movie, this could make for a fun and FREE afternoon!

  • And, finally, in the "Sad but True" category is this article from Newsweek. The really sad part is that this article was probably across the page from a Victoria's Secret ad or some photo-shopped, wafer-thin actress trying to convince you that you need eye lift cream or collagen in your lips (because that's always a "natural" look!). Heaven help us!


Jen T. said...

I should NOT have read that beauty article while eating lunch. I want to vomit now!

LOVED all the other stuff, though...and I too am now a proud, card-carrying member of SPOGG!

simple life..lived simply said...

LOVE the photos of clark little! they are amazing! makes me want to go the beach. ;) thanks for sharing!

Marzola Happenings said...

ok. here goes...its me kari! dont know who the simple life..lived simply is???? hahahha...oh well!