From the Pen of Sawyer............

This is another hilarious story, written by Sawyer. In order to understand it though, you'll need a little background.

Last month, Sawyer was chosen as an alternate in his class to attend the Math Olympics. As an alternate, Sawyer would have to be ready to go, just in case one of his classmates couldn't participate on the day of the competition. As luck, would have it, Sawyer DID have to go this year.

However, when they arrived at the Olympics, they were informed that the rules had been changed, and they were no longer accepting alternates in place of students who had qualified. In addition to being VERY disappointed, this meant that Sawyer (and two other students who also went as alternates) had nothing to do for the entire day!! So...........Sawyer made LOTS of paper airplanes and wrote the following story. You'll realize that he is projecting a bit as he writes! :-)

The Day my Head Exploded
by Sawyer VeStrand

Well, it was NOT pretty. The title's right. My head did explode. It all started Friday morning at 6:15 a.m, rather happily. I was going to the Olympics - my lifelong dream. We got there, and it was a three-hour wait until the 600 meter run. So I made a lot of paper airplanes and got a whole bunch of paper cuts. Then I had lunch. Then it was finally time for the 600 meter run. KABOOM! The gun had been SHOT! I had a great start. I ran and ran and guess what? I came in last place. So, my lifelong dream was torn to pieces. I felt VERY depressed! And then my head exploded. So this story is done. THE END


Anonymous said...

Sad day, Sawyer. I know you would have done well in the OLympics. I hope you are back together when we see you.
Love, Grammy

Becky said...

I knew you'd appreciate that story! He wrote it on the ride home. I was so sad! Although, I was impressed with his use of emotions. We spent a lot of time on the "voice" trait of writing. I think he has that down! :)

abeachcottage said...


thanks for your really lovely comment on my blog, yes sydney is a wonderful place and oh what a fantastic idea to call a child that! I love it, my friend is about to have a baby and thinking of names, I am going to five her that idea!

happy days