Isn't She Lovely?

Saturday night was Prom #1 at Liberty High School. Brooke and David (her "friend who is a boy", according to Jeff!) were invited to go to prom at this local high school with a group of their friends from church. They had a lovely dinner before at the home of one of their friends, then they went to prom at the Waterfront Marriott in Baltimore, and then enjoyed a prom "after party" at the home of yet another friend! They had a great time and they looked wonderful, if I do say so myself! Prom #2 in two weeks!

Where has the time gone? Brooke has grown into a beautiful and amazing and talented young lady. We are very thankful and proud to be her parents!


Sandy said...

yes, she is! She's a beautiful young lady!

Marzola Happenings said...

gorgeous! :) they are such a sweet 'pair'.

kiki said...

I agree!! Brooke is so lovely, both inside and out!!