A Day in the Life............

Of a lacrosse mom! This is what I found in the kitchen sink last night. Evidently, soaking the stick a mixture of water and fabric softener (with the ball held in by a ballpoint pen contraption that I failed to photograph!) makes a nice "pouch" for scooping. Who knew?

Also, stay tuned. I have almost reached 600 posts, and I think that calls for some sort of celebration, which of course, in blog terms means "contest". Keep checking back for details. Last time, the prize was pretty sweet, if I do say so myself!

Happy Weekend, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jen - I've found a stick or two in my sink also! However, after reading your bad mom post, I doubt you will also find the stick soaking for days in the rit dye, when the boys decide a new color will make them play better/look cooler! Oh the things we do for our kids. Blessings to you our dear friend - Jody Dabrowski