Show Us Where You Live Friday....Kitchen Edition!

Kelly is hosting this blogosphere fun today and, I thought, since I actually have a kitchen I LOVE, it would be fun to share. I realize many (most!) of you could probably care less, so this post is mostly for my family and friends who haven't been to visit yet and have asked for pictures!

But, first, a disclaimer: I am SOOO not a photographer (as if you haven't guessed that by now) so these are not the greatest pics, and then I messed with some of them in iPhoto, which only made them worse in the end. But, because spending hours "editing" them won't make a difference, I decided to just post them and hope you'll love me anyway! Welcome to our home!

umm....this is the kitchen! The previous owners remodeled it completely, and while I don't know that I would necessarily have picked everything they did, it sold us on the house, for sure!

Just another view.

View across the kitchen into the eating area.
The door straight ahead is the entrance from the breezeway/mudroom.

View from family room into eating area.
Door and windows look out onto our lovely deck and back yard.
(Hopefully, this summer that table and buffet are getting a paint job!)

Just another view.

And another view. Notice the beautiful tulips!
They are my favorite!

My amazing pantry! Had to show this because it's almost my favorite part of the kitchen!
Except for the doors, which are on my list to replace!

And I had to show this nifty rolling spice rack that
the former owner added! I love it!

Another one of my favorite spots is this little built-in bookcase.
They were very wise with use of space when they did the remodel!

And, just in case you forget who we are when you come to visit or want to know when we got married, this "stick 'em" is on the bulk head between the eating area and the family room!
It was a housewarming gift from the Ferbers, and we love it! Thanks guys!


Brooke said...

Beautiful...it would have sold me too. We are hoping to remodel this summer so I am too chicken to post my kitchen.

Jenn said...

Jen I love the kitchen!!I just really love you house. God is awesome, isn't He?!?

Sar(Mrs.Teddy) said...

What a beautiful kitchen! I love how open it seems! I too really like the built in as well as those great light fixtures! Thanks for sharing!

Kelly said...

Love your kitchen - that pantry is awesome!!! I'm so glad you played along!

blessedmomto7 said...

I really like it!

pumpkinpatches said...

That spice rack is awesome!
Thank you for opening up your home.

Pam said...

I care. You have a fantastic kitchen. Love the big star. Yes, I see your mixer! I want!

Kristen said...

Look at all that great space! That is a fantastic pantry!

Julie said...

I'm jealous of your kitchen...in a good way. ;) Mine is a galley kitchen, a fraction of the size of yours. Loved seeing your photos!!