B is for...

Today is brought to you by the letter "B"

B is for Brooke Ashleigh, of course, our amazingly talented and beautiful firstborn daughter. Oh, how I wanted a daughter. She was the answer to my prayers. I am so thankful to be her mom (most days!)

B is for Biased, which I am NOT at all about my firstborn daughter. ahem.......

B is for Becky, my youngest sister. I love her dearly, as clearly evidenced by the fact that I not only personally escorted her to her classroom but kissed and hugged her good-bye Every. Single. Day. for the first few months of first grade. I was in seventh grade at the time. I have since forgiven her for the damage she did to my precarious junior high reputation.

B is for Blogging, which I also love but have not had nearly enough time or inspiration for lately.

B is for Breyers and Baskin Robbins. I am not a huge ice cream fan but when I do eat it, I prefer Breyers chocolate mint chip and Baskin Robbins rocky road. Yum!

B is for Boston, our exotic honeymoon destination. We were poor college students, and Boston was all our budget could afford. But we had a great time! We walked the Freedom Trail, visited the mansions in Newport Rhode Island and Jacqueline Kennedy's childhood home, Hammersmith Farm. I loved every minute of it! And you all know I prefer all that sightseeing to laying on some hot, sandy beach any day!

B is for Bohjalian, one of my all-time favorite authors. So good! If you're looking for some summer reading, start with Midwives!

B is for Basement. The drywall is up, the mudding and sanding are almost complete, the paint is picked out, and the carpet is ordered. Much fun will be had in the finished basement very soon!

B is for Busy, which it seems like I have been for about the past nine months. Just when I think I am caught up and life will slow down a bit, something else comes along. Which brings me to...

B is for Better get going!


Becky said...

Bohjalian and Baskin Robbins...a great combination.

WOW...only the first few months? And, I thought it was all year long. Phew. Thanks for setting me straight on that one. And let's not forget the times you had to give me your lunch money. I'm pretty sure that is why Mom started taping MY lunch money to the inside of my Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox. After all, not being able to have my Chocolate Captain Crunch would have only brought on more crying.
I remember that year like it was yesterday.

Holly said...

Hehehe I like this meme, it's cute! :)