Summer Fun

Well, the summer "routine" is in full swing at the VeStrands. Chore charts are updated, electronics are limited (2 hours a day), library trips are on the schedule, and stacks of books are sitting around just waiting to be read!

So far, so good! On Tuesday afternoon, the kids were hot and looking for something fun to do. Brooke found a piece of plastic in the garage, and a slip-n-slide was born. They had a great time--no batteries or electricity required! I love to see the expressions of pure enjoyment on their faces

Sweet Brooke, "sixteen going on seventeen".
How did that happen?

Simple pleasures in the backyard!

Sofie observed all the fun from her spot in the shade.
She didn't seem too impressed!

Sydney practically "hovered" over the slide!

Brooke, in fine "slip-n-slide" form!

Pure happiness!!

Love the face!

Sawyer "hamming it up" for the camera!

Payton, my most dedicated book worm!
He is never without a book to read!


Steph said...

Love it! what's payton reading these days?

Rebecca :) said...

Looks like so much fun!! I think we will be getting out the tarp and the sprinkler! That is when summer finally decides to make a stop here.

Karen in Florida said...

These pictures are so great - they look like what everybody wants their summer to be! Have a great time, Jen, because you're not so far away from that stage when those "watercolor ponies" begin to ride away into their God-ordained destinies!
Hugs from Florida,

Kerry said...

Jen - how old is Payton? What is he reading? I'm desperate for books that J hasn't read - seriously. Our library (itty bitty that it is) has been exhausted... He inhales books... I think he goes through 2 or 3 in a week (big ones - not little ones) :-O

Kerry said...

...love the pics from the sprinkler & plastic sheets, too :-)